1 Roll 1 Day – 35mm South Bend, IN

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I believe we are getting to comfortable behind our large capacity SD and CF Cards.  We need to take a moment to go back and relearn the basics of photography.  To learn about how to compose an image with out the ability to snap 1000 images.

With that being said,  I am going to be starting a new series called “1 Roll.  1 Day. (and then insert city)” as titled in this post.

Today I finally got my 35mm black and white film developed.  I have the negatives for you to see if you’d like, just comment below.  This is literally my first roll of film ever to be developed and I took my knowledge for DSLR’s and applied them to these images.  Some may be slightly over exposed or under exposed.  It’s a learning process.  Please feel free to comment, critique, and share with your friends while you enjoy this experience with me.

All photos were takien with a Canon FTB-Ql with 35mm 400 Ilford HP5.  You can order in bulk right HERE

Here is what my Camera looks like for reference:



So I am new to the mid west.  Currently residing just about 20 minutes out side of South Bend, Indiana.  This city is very interesting.  The vibe feels like a big city, but there are very little people here.  I walked around for about an hour and a half to capture these images and probably saw less than 5o people total.  And this city has some big buildings!  Notre Dame University is less than a mile away.  I feel this was strange, but then again every place I’ve traveled to has been different with its own ambiance.

My Photos from South Bend, Indiana.  Please double click the photo in order to enlarge. Follow us on Instagram @DSLRWAREHOUSE


Thank you for visiting my blog and we hope you enjoy.  Please follow our journey and share in discussion.

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