Social Media & Photographers: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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WordPress is a source of social media.  I enjoy engaging with you and discussing topics based around photography.  But there are some outlets of social media that get taken for granted and are changing how photography should be seen and recognized as an art.

This post is not to bash social media, because I do think we need it, but rather give a different perspective of what our society has become.

My whole life I’ve lived in California.  I started shooting about 6 years ago.  My career started by shooting cars at car shows for clients and completing little side jobs here and there.  Over these next 6 years, platforms like Instagram, slowly began to morph from a place that people used to share pictures of their life with their friends and family, to a place where people advertise their skill and work.  This is a natural occurrence.  People naturally want to post what they are doing and want to be liked by others.  But with this, a lot of bad has come from it.

Below is a list of pro’s and con’s about how I feel toward social media.  Please comment your thoughts and lets engage in conversation.


  • Great for networking hand’s down
  • Great for showcasing your work to clients
  • Great way to stay in touch with family and friends


  • Oversaturated market of Photographers and Model’s (meaning everyone is doing the same thing)
  • Because of over saturation of the market place, a Job that would have earned you $200 five years ago, now may yield you $50 (or less) because of underbidding
  • People are consumed by the amount of followers and likes they have
  • People use the amount of followers to charge more because this some how correlates to how good they are
  • Unrealistic expectations
    • This gets its own bullet.  There are apps and programs that help people correct flaws and over exaggerate a scene.  People are constantly comparing themselves to others in this aspect.  Some one may idolize a “model” or “photographer” on social media for something they are perceiving as perfection, but in realty, it has been doctored.  This is the same psychological affect on a persons mentally as an addiction to pornography.  (Yes I realize this is a harsh comparison but think about it).

I can go on for days and days about this topic because at one time I found myself trapped in this negative feedback loop.  I was comparing my work with other photographers thinking I was subpar.  It is difficult to get out of this negative feed back loop and for me, I took drastic measures.  I moved away from a large city where everyone is famous (Los Angeles), to a place where I can focus on my craft.  A place where I can meet people in person and start printing my work.  To be able to display my work with others who take photography as an art form serious.  And now that I have done this, I was able to take the time to realized that social media needs to be used as the tool it was intended for.  Socializing.  Not marketing.  Since then,  I have made more personal connections in a professional setting, and have worked with and met so many happy, successful people, that are not self indulged with social media.  And it feels great.  If you feel stuck, please share your experience or comment on this post.

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