What to wear when shooting landscapes in the Cold

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This sound like it should be explanatory but for some, they may need guidance.  Not everyone has shot in the cold before and there are some cool little gadgets photographers can use to stay warm while being able to function a camera properly.

#1 – Gloves, Gloves, Gloves!!!

Not all gloves are created equal.  You can search Amazon or Camera websites for days and find photography gloves between $8 and $50.  This is a case where you do get what you pay for.  Your limbs and fingers are the first things that get cold and are exposed to frost bite.  I would highly recommend a pair of gloves that are waterproof, windproof, and made with good insulation.  Any snowboarding glove will do but they make special ones for photographers that have finger tips that allow you to use your touch screen and they also have ones that have flip back finger sleeves.  Pretty neat right!

Here is an example of some lightweight insulated gloves below.  Follow the link HERE to see where I buy my Water Proof Photography Gloves.


#2 – High Quality Ski Mask

This last week I spent two nights in Michigans upper peninsula.  It was cold, 28 degrees to be exact, and that isn’t even as cold as it gets.  One major thing people forget when traveling around cold climates is that there is usually a body of water somewhere near by.  If there is a breeze, this creates a wind chill.  It can usually make the temperature feel 10-20 degrees colder.  In Michigan, they experience the “Lake Effect” quite often.  I personally use an old snow boarding bandana with a velcro release in the back but a full ski mask is much easier for most people.  Here are both examples below.

Half Mask Snowboarding Style Bandana


Full Face Mask Ski Mask Cold Weather


#3.  Protect your Feet!

Here are two more self explanatory items everyone should have when it’s cold, icy, and wet.  I would highly suggest a nice pair of cold weather socks.  I have seen sets of 4 for only $9.99 at Cabela’s and Bass Pro shop that are very soft and comfortable.  The other I would suggest, to prevent you from falling, would be Yaktrax.  These are a must need if you don’t have the correct shoes.  This will help prevent slippage and falling on hard ice and surfaces.  Very reasonably priced, and you can get them at Costco if you don’t want to get them here. Click the photo below to find out more today!

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