Are you a Photographer or an Editor?

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It has come to my understanding that everyone is a great photographer these days.  iPhones can take 12 megapixel photos and androids are shooting out 16 megapixel’s plus.  There is a day upon us that DSLR will be obsolete other than for telephoto purposes.  Everyone is a photographer and everyone is famous!

The reason I am writing this blog is in hope that we can remain true to our profession and craft.  Just like 35mm film is in the past, one day DSLR will be as well.  However, the knowledge and understanding of what makes a great photo will never change.  You can only understand shutter speed, aperture, iso, color theory, lighting, long exposure and everything else, if you study and learn photography.

One big trend I see in our social media era is people who post “before and after” photos.  I don’t know what it is as a human but we love fake realities.  We love to show off our work, before and after, and require praise and likes for self validation.  Old landscape painters would actually alter their scene in their paintings by excluding or including certain elements in the scene.  So what’s the fine line of over exaggeration?

Other than fashion retouchers and editorials,  I feel too many people are over editing their photos these days.  People have flaws and not all landscapes are as pretty and vibrant as they look.  I learned from my last trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan that the photos I see online and on Instagram are all highly edited to make the scene look extra majestic.  Albeit, the nature is beautiful but “pictures never do it justice”.  Here is a photo I took from my trip.  What do you think?  Edited or not?


If you choose edited, you are wrong.  These are natural colors of mid October in Tahquamenon Falls State park.  Now, if you go and google Tahquomenon falls, you will more than likely get photographs like this one below.


Can you see a drastic change in perspective?  Specially in the greens and oranges.  The browns are no longer browns and your eye and mind may think, well wow!  That’s a place I’d like to visit.  The internet and photo editing today is “cat fishing” people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and I love to explore but when there is a model you’ve been wanting to shoot with for a year and have the perfect composition for her, then you meet her, and she’s nothing like her photoshopped images, you’re going to be upset.  This is one reason I like reading certain publications more til this day.  There are specific, usually journalistic type media outlets, that don’t allow for doctored images.  Why change something that isn’t real?  I just don’t get it.  If you have any input, please shed some light and add to the discussion so I can write a follow up blog entry.  Are you a photographer or and editor?

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Came used to capture these photos was a Canon 7D with a Tamron 18-400mm Lens




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