Why I moved to Austin Texas in 2019

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Lets just start by saying, when I first heard the word Texas, I was turned off immediately. I hear Texas, I think cowboys and hot humid weather. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Well, aside from most of Texas vast deserts, lies four large and growing cities. These cities are: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. I was fortunate enough to be offered a job in downtown Austin, and I really had nothing else to lose.

After floating around exploring the mid west and working at a Camera store, I thought it was time to find a city I could call home. I accepted that job, and moved down to Austin Texas in February of 2019. I was still not sold on Austin Texas. Just two weeks into being a Texas resident, I meet a close new friend who is also a photographer. His name is Aaron.

Aaron and I clicked right off the bat. He has an excellent eye and has great motivation to succeed at his passion. Photography. Immediately we began coming up with new ideas to bring to Austin Texas and we decided on something that would not only benefit us, but benefit the community. Austin has a few camera clubs and meet ups you can find online, but we wanted to bring a network of content creators and influencers together.

We decided to start @ATXCollective.

The idea behind ATX Collective is to bring photographers and videographers together with models, actors, musicians, comedians and anyone interested in working to build their image or brand. It’s intended to be used as a tool for networking and trading time for prints. Although jobs can come out of it, many of us are hobbyist, but a large portion do this for a living and makes for a great way to get noticed more. Our first official event will be toward the end of April 2019 and we hope to see lots of fun people and smiling faces. (see next weeks full article on @ATXCollective)

Aside from that, in just two weeks of working for that company, I decided it wasn’t for me. Not that I couldn’t do the job, but I’m not the type of person that can sit indoors for 7-8 hours a day on the phone with strangers. I rather drive for Uber Eats than sit in an office all day. (see my success videos with Uber/Post Mates here). I’m a person to person connector so I decided to focus making my money solely on photography and freelance work again. And what other city to do it in other than the quickly growing Austin Texas?

Exploring Austin’s clean downtown city, I fell in love with the night scene and landscapes. East 6th street is loaded with culture and all sorts of fun bars and West 6th is nice if you’re feeling fancy. South Austin is a little weird and I guess that’s where they coined the term “keep Austin weird”, but I like it. And I like the people and the environment. Austin will be the next Silicon Valley with out a doubt. They already have Google, Facebook, Indeed, Apple, Oracle, and other huge tech companies here. Right now is the time to invest in Texas. So I think that’s what I’m going to do. Make the best of it and make ever lasting bonds. I look forward to writing more about you Austin, Texas.

See Aarons work below and make sure to follow him on Instagram. Click photo below to be redirected.



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