My name is John Kallal. I’m a part time photographer currently living in Austin Texas. Over these last few years I have bounced around state to state trying to find a place I can call home. Before Austin, I was living in Michigan working for a local camera store. Before that I was in Southern California selling cars and running my own business. Now, I host social meet up events for photographers and content creators while working at GoDaddy. I have a good feeling about this city and I hope to plant some roots here in the years to come.

My goal is to be able to help someone. It doesn’t have to be everyone, but if my site helps you at all, then my job has been completed. I am a night owl and love going out exploring the streets with friends. It has been a fun pass time for me these last few years. I am always looking to meet new photographers and people that have an artistic mind so we can create art together.

This page used to be DSLR Warehouse. I recently switch that website platform and made this my personal Blog. All disclosures up front in advance. I own DSLR Warehouse and you will see shout outs and affiliate marketing in some post. You are not required to buy from my links and I don’t expect you too, however, if I can save you money and help guide you in the right direction, I would love your support of this blog by sharing with your friends.


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